Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Last West Hollywood Debate..or Down the Rabbit Hole.

The Last of the Debates….Proof positive of the need to elect Heilman.  

 While I was walking to Monday night's  candidate debate for our special election for a single West Hollywood  city council seat  this Tuesday June 2, I was not sure what I was walking into.  Having a citizen host a debate at their home is unprecedented. I arrived before anyone, so if I felt uncomfortable I could bail.  It was nice.  The host, Nir,  was excited, gregarious, and sometimes absolutely funny in how he moderated. 


Heidi Shink arrived first, with her parents.  She is a current Planning Commissioner and previous Human Services Commissioner.  Her campaign has been riddled with investigation allegations, impropriety allegations, lies and egregious mistakes on LGBT issues.  

Larry Block, arrived after her.   A local businessman, fierce neighborhood advocate and well liked guy.  His campaign has been clean.  He accepted no developer dollars.  

John Heilman was there moments later.  John is a former Weho Council member of nearly 30years.   He is currently a Professor of law, running to regain a seat on the council.  His 30 year history of politics and activism is almost unattainable by most.  

Cole Ettmon- Came late left early.  Sometimes schedules do not always permit participation.  He tried while he was there but nothing of note was said in such a short time. 

Nir, the host,  gave very specific instructions to the candidates.  There was to be no negativity, although comically, it was he himself who  provided us with special moments of negativity in his stories in between,  and sometimes during candidate responses.
I watched closely for body language and listened intently for tone and knowledge as the candidates answered.  Here are a few questions I thought most important. 


Block-  Answered as a landlord.  He loves animals, and has a dog of his own.  He does not see how a city could demand that a landlord accept pets.  He didn’t support it, but let us know how important he thought pets were.

Shink-Yes.  She noted there are more than 10,000 dogs in the city.  She supports laws allowing pets as she has 2 of her own.  Her answer wasn’t very detailed, but her point came across.  Unfortunately, I do not think she is aware that you CANNOT force a landlord to allow pets if they so choose not to.  

Heilman- Knowing his answer might not be the popular one, he stated the truth.  We cannot force a landlord to allow pets in their buildings.  However, he was knowledgeable about laws that we have that do allow you to have a pet even if you live in a no pet building.  There are laws allowing seniors, HIV/AIDS patients and disabled.  We allow 2 dogs or cats  less than  35 pounds with a medical letter stating you need a support animal.  .  The other candidates did not seem to be aware of the details, although Block seemed to have some knowledge as he was a Disabilities Advisory Board member.  . 

The Ellis Act is the ability to “go out of the business of being a landlord” and evicting all of your tenants.  It’s a law that has been used by landlords, oft to raise rents or to sell to developers.  FOR BIG MONEY.   How would each candidate deal with it?

Shink- She said she would want to try hard to repeal the Ellis Act, at least in part by making it harder to enforce.  She didn’t seem sure of her response.  Rightly so, as I am not exactly sure she was getting her point across.
Heilman- Let us know that we have one of the strictest rent stabilization laws of almost anywhere in Ca.  He helped draft those laws as such.  He went on to tell us that we have lobbyists in Sacramento fighting for the city to try to lessen the impact of the Ellis Act.  He knew that we have longer grace periods for evictions of seniors and disabled, there are higher relocation fees for the most vulnerable and explained that Weho has very little control of Sacramento’s enforcement of the law, but that we are trying to lessen its impact.   This answer came easy for him, he was extremely knowledgeable about it.   

Block- As always showed compassion for anyone “Ellissed” and agreed that it would be great to try to lessen the impact as well. 

Inclussionary Housing

Heilman made it clear, that he is now and always has been a champion of inclusionary housing.  He wants affordable units included in new development, and pointed out that without smart development there could be NO NEW AFFORDABLE/INCLUSSIONARY  HOUSING.  There is a law that states new development must include or pay a  fee towards the development of inclussionary housing.  He has fought against naysayers, and has sometimes been the target of attack because of development.  Housing the most vulnerable is important to him.  He sees the reality and need for development in order to provide these services. 

Shink, answered well, although not as precise or as clearly thought out as Heilman.  She supports inclusionary housing, but doesn’t seem to want development.  This isn’t a dichotomy.  Many new candidates say the same.  They want to make sure they don’t isolate or anger anyone.  She is walking a tightrope no doubt.  She was forceful with her answer, but it came across as a tactic.  She panders to pro developers and anti developers.  This is a red flag for me. 
Candidate Heidi Shink at the Beverly Hills Hotel  Polo Lounge breaking the LGBT boycott on the establishement  with her "power lesbian" friends as they state on twitter.   She texted a lie to me whe I asked her and she said she was only driving by to pick up a friends mom.  She wasn't aware her picture was already in the paper.  LIES RAISE RED FLAGS FOR ME.  

Candidate John Heilman, answering questions truthfully without pandering.  

Candidate Larry Block contemplating his answer. 

Block, agreed with Heilman, and said he was for inclusionary housing, and wanted it scattered throughout the city by actually including it in the new buildings.  He seemed confident. 


Block- Yes and is involved in the sober working group (I am adding this).  He advocates for more dollars for drug addiction services as well as homeless shelters. 

Shink- Yes and noted that when she was a Human Services Commissioner, she wanted more money to be spent.  She also revealed she had more than 20 years of sobriety, and understood the need.  She has claimed during her campaign to have been part of the creation of sober events like #BOOM! and #SIZZLE, which is untrue  It is simply another painted story to make  an empty resume appear full.    

Heilman- His answer was not an immediate yes.  I think all eyes were on him at that moment.  He was the only candidate to fully explain that in order to provide dollars to new organizations, they would have to meet West Hollywood’s  scope of service.  This means they have high standards to reach, as we would be spending tax payer dollars which are not to be gambled with.  He would be open to more dollars being  spent, but again , as long as we are getting what we pay for.  

My vote is going to Heilman.  It was clear that he has the most knowledge, deals in reality, and isn’t trying to pander.  I do not always agree with everything he says or does, but at this turning point of our city hood, he is needed.  30 years of experience does not translate to entitlement to me.  It translates as a person willing to give most of their life to a city that they love.  He has accomplished more than any candidate and sitting council member could hope for.  He is sometimes distant, but is always there for his city.  I admire that.  I admire that he campaigns without referring to other candidates negatively and that he is willing to take hits that are thrown his way, and yet still want to be involved.  I hope he has your vote as we look ahead at a city that we all love.  

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


JUST BITE ME.....: LILLY'S STORY....PART 4...LILLY DOESN'T LIKE GENTL...: I originally thought I would do 3 or 4 parts to this blog and tell about Lilly and my life with her.  I now don't know  how may I will w...


JUST BITE ME.....: LILLY'S STORY....PART 4...LILLY DOESN'T LIKE GENTL...: I originally thought I would do 3 or 4 parts to this blog and tell about Lilly and my life with her.  I now don't know  how may I will w...


I originally thought I would do 3 or 4 parts to this blog and tell about Lilly and my life with her.  I now don't know  how may I will write.  I will know when to stop, just like I knew when to say goodbye to her.  Maybe I am not ready to say goodbye again yet, so I will just keep writing and sharing with you.

When Lilly's other dad left, after a period of time and adjustment, I thought I'd start dating and hopefully find a different "other dad" for her.  It seemed like a smart idea, as I,  at the time had never been without a partner, and wasn't feeling like I could be a single guy forever.  Also, there are three to a "pack" and she was showing signs of sadness over her pack breaking up.

Where to start.  I met Lilly's other dad on a "hook up" site for just  a one night stand.  That lasted 8 years, so I thought I'd do that again.  Things changed a lot in eight years (including me). I wanted to make sure I found just the right "step dad" for her, so I went by the rule of "practice makes perfect.....".

Lilly seemed to instinctively  know that Adam 4 Adam was not going to be the place.  I would even show her who was coming over, holding her up to the laptop asking what she thought.  I swear this is true.  She never had any interest and just would jump off my lap.  When my practice dads would show up, she would get a Mohawk down her back, and mad dog them until I could get her into the other room.  This went on for a while, until I finally
met someone worthwhile.  It wasn't from a site, it was just a chance meeting.  Lilly didn't like him right away.  He was patient as I told him how important she was to me.

One night about a month into knowing him,  he came over as usual to pick me up for dinner.  Up until this point she had been  indifferent with him.  He was patient and persistent and always was  attentive to her.  For some reason, this time when he came into Lilly's apartment, she said "Hello" to him  in her guttural voice that  I have told you about.

He did a double take, as he thought I was teasing him  about her talking.  He laughed so hard, and she wagged her tail, for the first time with him.  He knelt down and she kissed his face.  Since this was a big deal to him, he asked if we could order in, as he wanted to take advantage of this new progress.

He talked back to her in the same type of voice, and she jumped into his lap.  This was a huge change, and I thought well, maybe this is her step dad.  The truth is, he was handsome, sweet, fun, and now liked by Lilly.  I just hate to say this, but the first guy you date after an 8 year marriage is never going to be the one.  I made a lot of mistakes, and just wasn't putting in a lot of effort.

Obviously, it was just Lilly and I again.


Friday, December 5, 2014


JUST BITE ME.....: LILLY'S STORY....Part 3: After a while, Lilly was out of harms way health wise, although I am convinced that the toxic baths affected her health in the long term.  T...


JUST BITE ME.....: LILLY'S STORY....Part 3: After a while, Lilly was out of harms way health wise, although I am convinced that the toxic baths affected her health in the long term.  T...